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    Cate Reilly
    Cate Reilly

    Slowing going through accretions of stuff as I prepare to book a Council Cleanup, I’ve been starting to think about how much otherwise potentially useful stuff could end up in landfill and it’s making me feel guilty. And with reason – I replaced two Dimplex pedestal fans, for example, with funkier floor fans because I like how they look better and they were on sale. One is a bit wonky on its stand (it’s fixable), and both are noisier than the new ones, but still.

    On a related matter, we need to replace our outdoor dox box which is falling apart and infested with ants. No wonder the dogs are avoiding it. Found a funky design we could try to recreate – but (apparently) we’d need to buy a jigsaw to create the circular opening. Which we may never use again. Got me thinking about whether one of my neighbours had a jigsaw they could lend us. And about all the tools and gadgets we own which we rarely use, which could have much more productive lives if they were available for someone else to use.

    So I’m wondering, how about we get a local ‘freecycle’ community going? Find new homes for stuff that would otherwise be going to landfill, reduce the ‘cost per use’ on the planet of items that spend most of their time on a shelf in a shed, and save a neighbour some cash. It could also help promote membership of the HPA and boost community connections.

    Haven’t really thought this through yet, but my initial thinking on ‘rules’ would be:

    – It’s got to be not for profit. There are many other avenues to sell/rent stuff
    – You have to be a member of the HPA to participate
    – It operates on a good faith but no liability basis. For example, my fans work (they’re not just junk), but I’m not going to put a warranty on them


    Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor

    I love this idea. We need to direct more people to our website to join the forum and start conversing. I’m going to remind people on Facebook now!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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